Travel with Kids Like a Pro

The idea of traveling with children (let alone one!) can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation you’ll be jet-setting like a veteran in no time. We’ve rounded up our favorite travel essentials from some of our most well-traveled mom friends.


1. Doona 


A car seat that turns into a stroller. Need we say more?


Our favorite: Doona 


2. Travel Packing Cubes


It can be tempting and may feel inevitable but don’t overpack! Use packing cubes to separate clothes for multiple children or keep outfits organized by cube for older children. Prepare full outfits for each day and try to keep everything in the same color family so you can easily mix and match. Pro tip: Keep a waterproof bag handy so you can pack away dirty clothes at the end of your trip or store bathing suits or soiled clothes while traveling.


Our favorite: Target’s Made by Design 5-piece Packing Cube Set


3. Fanny Pack and Backpack Diaper Bag


Changing a diaper in an airplane bathroom should be considered an Olympic sport. Make it easy on yourself and keep a cute fanny pack on you while traveling so you can quick grab those things you need ASAP (diapers, snacks, passport). We love Storq’s Quick Change nylon bag that comes with a sleek changing pad and more than enough compartments for baby and mom necessities.


We still recommend a larger diaper bag, of course, and especially one that’s easy to carry and hands-free, like this travel backpack from Beis which even comes with a separate, zipped compartment for iPads or electronics.


Our favorites: Storq’s Quick Change Fanny Pack, Beis’s The Backpack


4. Baby Carrier


A baby carrier is great way to manage fussy children while traveling or rock babies to sleep while caring for siblings. While any carrier will get the job done, we love Sakura Bloom carriers which are soft, fashionable, great for older toddlers and babies alike, and can be easily folded and packed away when not in use. 


Our favorite: Sakura Bloom Baby Carriers 


5. Surprise Toy Treasure Chest 


A bag full of new, small toys is great to whip out when kids get bored while traveling. Small game boards, books, sticky hands that they can stick to hard surfaces (and remove and repeat), crayons and coloring books, and travel Play-doh sets are great for traveling. Pro tip: Keep everything in the original packaging - unwrapping is part of the fun and it’ll help pass the time!


6. Kids headphones


Keep kids engaged while watching the in-flight movie or playing games on their iPad with wired headphones featuring an adjustable volume. Headphones are also important for multiple children, especially during road trips!


Our favorite: eKids Wired Headphones 


7. Portable Charger


A portable charger will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll never run out of phone or iPad battery. 


Our favorite: Anker Powercore